As spotted on Reddit, the parachute used to land the NASA's Perseverance Rover on Mars had an hidden/encoded message. The phrase “Dare mighty things” – used as a motto by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – was encoded on the parachute.


We are Cyber Saiyan and we like to dare mighty things.
That's why you found the following logo printed on the #RomHack2021 shopper.

The steps to solve it are really simple, even simpler that the NASA's challenge on the Perseverance parachute.

Step 1: 1st (inner) circle

Starting from top (conventionally 0°) up to 360°, the circle's slots (white and red) can be grouped into octects. Reporting the circle in linear representation, assigning value 0 to white boxes and value 1 to red boxes and decoding into ASCII characters we obtain:

Step 2: 2nd circle

There are no motivation to not start from top (0°) for the 2nd circle too. Doing the same as before, we obtain:
Notice that there are two octets at the end left unused since it is just PADDING (we used 1-padding for graphical reasons).

Step 3: 3rd circle

Here there is a small variation with respect to the previous starting point. It can be noticed that there is a huge amount of red boxes (1) aligned with the end of the previous circle word. You can notice that, the padding of the current circle ends at the point where the padding of the previous circle start. It means that the current circle word starts there. So, changing the starting point and doing the same as before, we obtain:

Step 4: 4th (outer) circle

Now that everything is clear, the last circle can be decoded (be care of decimal/ASCII encoding) starting from 180° (where the previous circle's padding starts) obtaining:
41 50 4 N 12 28 11 E

You can download here the python script to generate #RomHack2021 shopper graphic.

Thank you to rtphokie that made the original script